Rooter And Plumbing

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SEWER AND WATER MAIN LINE REPAIRS – We Specialize in Sewer & Water Main Repairs and Replacement–Our team of professionals will replace your broken Sewer or Water Main with minimal impact to your surrounding landscaping. 

BATHROOM REMODELS – Thinking about sprucing up your bathroom?  We can help with specialized services to help you change out that old tired bathtub for the new jetted tub you have always dreamed of.  We can make the necessary plumbing changes to move your toilet a couple of inches to across the room…whatever is needed to build you the dream bathroom.

DRAIN CLEANING AND CABLING –  For slow running drains, we have several solutions.  From small sink drains to large sewer main lines, we have an arsenal of tools that will get the job done.  We can run a cable (sometimes referred to as “snaking”) done the drain with a variety of cutting tips that will get through most blockages.  Roots in your mainline?  We have a tool that will cut them out, then can provide you with a chemical treatment which will inhibit the regrowth of those roots and give you better flow of the waste water.

HYDRO JETTING – If your drains are filled with sludge, cabling will not always work.  We will bring in our Hydro Jet unit which will spray a stream of water at 4,000 p.s.i, which will clear out most accumulated sludge buildups.

MAIN LINE VIDEO INSPECTION – Sometimes, clogged or slow drains are caused by a break in your sewer line.  We can perform a Video Inspection of your sewer line to determine if and where a break and locate it and where the break exists.  If a break is found, we will work with you on getting that repaired or replaced.

WATER HEATERS – This is almost always one of the most forgotten about and neglected applianced in the house. When it’s working properly it is wonderful. When it’s not working and you step into a cold shower its terrible.   Having your water heater inspected annually will pay off in the long run The inspection includes: visual inspection of tank exterior, system flush, and inspection of burner assembly, thermocoupler, ignitor, and internal lines. If your hot water heater has given it’s last tub of hot water, we can install a quality new one for you!