Water Main Repair in Salt Lake City

Water Main Services

Water Mains break and when this occurs, it generally is a major disruption that can cause flooding on the home, ground, and be a major inconvenience.  There are many reasons why a water main can break but when it does occur, it is important to call us immediately as we have over five decades of experience and can quickly assess the damage and provide you with options.  Sometimes, it is an accident during excavation but usually it either old pipes made of cast iron or clay that contract and expand with temperatures and prone to crack or break. Soil, water pressure, and settling of the ground can all contribute to a break so it is not as uncommon as you may think.

Depending on the damage, we may be able to utilize new technology such as trenchless making it easier to repair without digging up your yard. In any case, we will come out promptly to diagnose and repair the problem in the most efficient cost effective way possible.